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Oct 26

Second Confirmation About Digg’s Involvement

While one reason to have contacted digg was to give them a chance to explain themselves, the other reason was to see if these diggs stop in the time period when ONLY digg knows about this post.

As written in my earlier post, I went public about this whole issue at sharp 6:34 PM, CST.

Here is the first email I sent at 5:23 PM CST:

Sorry for bothering you.

Do you know how could I get in touch with you Communications Director – Michele Husak? I have a long article which makes several accusations on digg (after I found out something shocking) and would like to give the article to her to give a chance to comment before it is published.

If you could give me a phone number, it would be awesome.


And at 5:33 PM CST, I sent:
Here is the link:


Runs several pages, I would appreciate a comment within about 30 mins, as I mention in the article – I fear data destruction will happen.


And now I present you with details of the last digg activity by the fake IDs. Again, I stress here that I went public about this topic at 6:34 PM CST. From 5:33 PM to 6:34 PM no one but digg knew about this. My server time (the system used to compute the time values below) and the desktop I use to email are about 6 to 7 minutes out of sync.

So, once I told them that I have a major accusation with shocking findings, they already expected this and as soon as the link was received, within minutes this operation ceased. Thanks Digg! - for confirming.

On a technical side: Digg can only ban accounts but cannot stop accounts from digging. So, if this was from some exterior group, digg would have only banned them as they cannot stop them from digging.

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