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Oct 27

In Response to The Digg Blog Post

Digg has responded publicly to the post I made yesterday and I appreciate their willingness to address this. I feel obligated to give my feedback/response – not in the expectation that digg will further address it.

  1. Defending my post yesterday – nothing I wrote yesterday has been proved wrong. Digg has told a “reason” for having done it.
  2. It is up to each individual whether they accept/trust the reason given.
  3. On the periphery – the reason of “testing” does seem mildly convincing; however there are numerous questions I have and I believe many of the community members will have:
    • What was the criterion on choosing the “domains” for testing?
    • Did digg believe that ONLY these big (publisher) sites like Guardian.co.uk, Dailymail.co.uk, Telegraph.co.uk etc., would game and not little sites/blogs? That is simply the biggest insult (“spam vulnerabilties”) to Digg’s publishing partners.
    • Why did the testing have to include submissions by the founder and his girlfriend? Did digg seriously think someone might bot-vote for their submissions, so we need to test it?
    • The “testing” was happening for 10 days and clearly the testing was moving a lot of stories to the front page, 276 to be exact. Is it ok to move publisher stories to the front page in the name of testing? For example: The guardian.co.uk story with 1 real digg (the digg received when it was submitted) and rest of all “test” diggs made it to  top news. Is that appropriate?
    • Approx 27% of the 992 stories promoted in this “testing” period were promoted due to the “testing”
    • In few days of testing itself it was found that the site can be “exploited” easily, should digg have not stopped the testing and returned to fixing the algo, rather than keep testing forever? If no one had found, would this test have been running infinitely?
    • Would this “testing” have happened if people were able to see who is digging?
    • Why did digg’s response not tell that they will bring back that feature? Rather chose to write about a few other non related features.
  4. I have and will always support digg, but when I see that something is not right or appropriate I will bring to the attention of who ever needs to know it. This only shows how much I and several other users are passionate about Digg.
  5. I will bring tools which make this and other types of monitoring easy for anyone interested.

Passionate Digg User,

LtGenPanda (Mohan)

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