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Oct 27

How Was The Traffic From Various Sources (Digg, Reddit etc.,)

ltgenpanda.tumblr.com was created only around 2-3 pm on Oct 25th. The link was made public around 6:30 pm on Oct 25th. Since then, the site was on various social media sites. Some of the prominent places it was listed are:

  1. Front page of digg since 11 pm CST on Oct 25th, on the top news side bar on the digg front page from about 1-2 am CST on Oct 26th to about 5-6 pm CST on Oct 26th (most of the time at the 1st position).
  2. Several submissions on reddit, with at least one submission on the front page of reddit for most part of Oct 25th night and Oct 26th day time. However never reached the top, was around the fifth or less position only.
  3. Front page of news.ycombinator.com
  4. Linked from several blogs including techcrunch.com

I have seen many discussions in the past about the traffic these sites can bring. Personally, in the past I knew that gaining the #1 position on the top news section of digg can bring about 150K visits, have experienced it several times. Here is a screen shot from my google analytics page to see how this site has done:

I never expected to write this – Reddit, you clearly have the present and the future!

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